Can You Tile Onto Jackoboard?

Jackoboard is a relatively new product, so not everyone knows a lot about it or that it even exists. Even with people not knowing much about it, Jackoboard is still one of the best backer boards out there. But, are you able to actually tile on top of Jackoboard?

You can apply tile to Jackoboard. You would be able to tile on this backer board as you would tile on any other surface. Plus, the benefits of having Jackoboard and tiling over it will actually bring a greater resistance to any water damage that could happen to your home.

So, let’s take a look at what the product is, the benefits, tiling process, and installation process of Jackoboard.

What Is Jackoboard

Jackoboard is produced by the European-based company, Jackson Insulation. They currently only have locations in The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Germany. They are a relatively new company, being founded in 2001, which is why most people haven’t heard about Jackoboard.

Jackoboard is a backer board that is perfectly suited for interior construction and furnishings. It is made out of a material called extruded polystyrene foam, which makes it super light and easy to install. Jackoboard is also specifically made for high moisture level areas. With the product being made for high moisture level areas, it makes sense why you would be able to tile on the Jackoboard.

The Benefits

With Jackoboard being new, it has revolutionized technology and ways of working that help it go above and beyond for you. It will bring something to the table that no other backer board can give you.

Water Repellant

The fact that this board is water repellant is absolutely amazing. I know that it would bring me peace of mind, knowing that if water seeps through the grout in the tile, the boards will be able to be that second line of defense for preventing water damage to your home.

Easy To Work With

Jackoboard is super light! It can weigh anywhere from 3-6 kg for a standard-sized board, which when converted to pounds, is about 6-13 pounds. That right there is a sigh of relief because working with something heavy and difficult to move around is not fun to do.

Jackoboard can also be installed on nearly any substrate. This makes it very versatile. Only a few backer boards can be installed anywhere, which makes the product very valuable.

Can Be Covered By Tiles, Render, Or Plaster

Being able to be covered by these materials shows you how great this product really is. With many boards being limited to what it can and can not have on it, this sets Jackoboard apart from the rest of its competitors.

Thermally Insulating

Nothing is worse than walking on a cold floor. With Jackoboard being thermally insulating, you won’t have to worry about that. This property also plays into it being water-resistant, with the thermal activity that is occurring in the board.

Can Be Cut In Any Direction

With some rooms having weird layouts, it is amazing that Jackoboard is able to be cut any way that you want it to be. No other common backer board is this versatile and adaptive.


Jackoboard is very fairly priced. For one 1200 x 600 x 12mm board, it is priced at 11.52 pounds, which is equivalent to about 16 US dollars. Other products that are similar to Jackoboard, are priced anywhere from 20-30 US dollars.

Installation Process

The installation process for Jackoboard is a very simple one. Items that you will need include flexible cement-based tile adhesive, a finishing trowel, a mallet, and the metal anchors that come with the Jackoboards.

When you have a nice, even surface that you’re placing the Jackoboard on, you will place an even layer of the flexible cement-based tile adhesive onto the side that will be on the wall. Repeat this until you have the wall covered.

Once you have the wall covered and the boards placed, you need to make sure that the intersection joints of the different boards are secure. We will do this by applying glass fiber tape and tile adhesive to the joint of the two boards.

When applying to an uneven surface, the installation process is a little bit more complicated. You will take your piece of Jackoboard and poke 5 holes into the board. Make a hole in all 4 corners of the board and one in the center of the board.

You will then apply the cement to the holes that were just made. After the cement is applied, you will then place the Jackoboard wherever you want to put it and wait for the curing process to finish. Once the cement is cured, you will then hammer in the metal anchors, one anchor in each of the holes made. This will make everything secure and the Jackoboard does its job properly.

Tiling Process

This process is complicated at times, but the most satisfying at the same time. You will need the tiles you will be laying down, snap lines, mortar, spacers, a trowel, and a tile cutting saw.

You will start with finding the center of the room. When you find the center, use your snap line so that you have a constant reminder of where the center of the room is. Based on the center, offset the tiles by no more than 33 percent from the center of the room. This will work more effectively and you will be able to optimize the number of materials used.

Lay down your tiles with spacers in between them and see where you need to cut your tiles and mark your tiles to remember where to cut. After you cut the tiles, you will then lay down your tiles again and start to get ready to apply the mortar. Make sure to number your tiles in a specific order, somehow, so that you can be able to remember which tiles go where.

You then apply the mortar and spread out a thin-set with your towel. Making sure that the thin-set is evenly distributed is essential! When the thin-set is applied, lay down the tile with the spacers placed between them. Do this with the entire area you are going to tile and let the mortar set in.

The next day, you will remove the spacers and begin the grouting process. The grout will cure and seal within 48-72 hours after it is applied.

Jackoboard is one of the most versatile and flexible backer boards that I’ve come across. So if you’re looking for a good backer board to tile on, Jackoboard is the way to go!

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