Can You Add A Toilet To A Laundry Room?

A laundry room is a must-have in today’s society, with high functionality to keep your clothes clean. Laundry rooms are great, but perhaps it is good to give that room an additional purpose.

You can most definitely add a toilet to your laundry room. The toilet would be able to be added to the plumbing quite easily. Laundry rooms usually function as a spare room, but putting in a toilet can be done. However, plumbing, ventilation, room space, and storage, all must be considered.

Things To Think About

In any renovation job, there can be a lot to consider as you undertake whichever project you are doing. Adding a toilet is no different. You need to be aware of some of the things that could either be a problem or might be useful to know so you can be successful.


The first thing to take into consideration would be the plumbing of the whole room. Washing machines, sinks, and toilets all draw from the main water line of the house. You can trace them all back to the same water pipe, so adding a new supply pipe for a toilet is not too difficult.

You will have to put in a new pipe that deals with the refuse that is flushed when the toilet is used. This pipe can be added to the other drainage pipes and shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Overall, the plumbing is usually a couple of additional pipes that would connect to existing pipes with the same function. Because the toilet would be going into the laundry room, these other pipes will likely not be too far to connect to.


Making sure that you have the proper ventilation in your laundry room is important. There can be a lot of heat that comes from washing your clothes, either with the dryer or with hot water. Because of the ever-present use of water in a laundry room, the heat can cause a problem with mold and mildewing. Ventilation should already be added in with a laundry room.

But with the addition of a toilet, you need to make sure that ventilation and airflow are healthy in order to keep water condensation from collecting in unwanted corners of the room.

Mold and mildew can be dangerous for the health of those living in the house and can be as serious as hospitalization or sometimes even death. By creating ventilation in your laundry room you will ensure the safety of those who live in your home, including yourself.

Room Space

Laundry rooms are, for the most part, small and cramped. This is because washing and dryer machines are large and take up a good amount of space. It can become even more cramped if a toilet is added to the room. Hopefully, there is already a sink put in for the laundry room.

An organizational trick to combat this problem may be to simply take the machines and stack them on top of each other. Many laundry machines have this function, especially in today’s modern world. This can create more floor space for additional amenities, such as a toilet.

You might also be able to create a different layout where the machines sit under the counter of the sink. This could open up some additional space for the porcelain throne to the area that it needs. This might create some problem with storage that you may want to think about though.


Storage is a big consideration as you decide to put in a toilet. Laundry rooms already have a lot to store. Most people store their dirty clothes in the room, separating them into two baskets based on color.

Additionally, many cleaning supplies are stored in laundry rooms, seeing as their main purpose is to keep things clean. There is laundry detergent, bleach, cleaning spray, and regular soaps, all of which can be large containers.

So, to add in a toilet would bring in more things to be stored, such as toilet paper, other toiletry items, and perhaps even some hand towels. Each needs to be stored and have a space to be put.

A way that this can be fixed, if there isn’t enough room, of course, would be to add in another cupboard space on the wall, perhaps right above the toilet space itself. This is a common design in many homes and would look appealing.

Pros Vs. Cons

When all things are considered it is good to look at what a renovation like this will add to your home and the functionality of it as a whole. So, what can be good or bad when it comes to adding a toilet to your laundry room?


Adding a toilet to your laundry room can be a good thing, despite the work required to accomplish it. Its rewards might outweigh the work needed to finish the job.

Putting in another toilet gives you a new bathroom to be used in your home. It can be frustrating when nature calls and others who you live with are already using the bathroom for the purpose which you need it for. So having another bathroom isn’t a bad thing.

Also, it gives the laundry room a double purpose that can increase the functionality of your home.


With any project, there are negative aspects to consider. It can deal with the work cut out for you to get this job done. Many jobs like this deal with plumbing that can be difficult to work through, creating laborious and frustrating work.

Also because of the addition of plumbing in the home, you might need to have permits that allow you to add to your home. A permit can be easy to get but might be a long process that can be inconvenient.


So there you have it. A toilet can be added to your laundry room and could be a perfect choice for your home and what you want your home’s functionality to be. Laundry rooms with toilets in them may not be as uncommon as you think, and they can provide good options for your home.

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