Can Kilz Be Used As Ceiling Paint?

Ceiling paint can become expensive when you have to buy multiple buckets of it. Often, people want to find a cheaper option, such as Kilz. Is Kilz a suitable replacement for ceiling paint?

Kilz cannot be used as a ceiling paint. Kilz is a type of primer so a top layer of paint is essential since the outcome of Kilz is much chalkier than ceiling paint. Kilz prevents color from seeping through, but you cannot have Kilz be the top layer of paint, seeing as it is not paint.

Kilz is not as good as actual ceiling paint because it has a chalky look, opposed to a glossy one. Using Kilz can result in not as finished a look. Are there benefits to using Kilz?

Can Kilz Be Used As Ceiling Paint?

Kilz cannot be used as ceiling paint, though this can be argued in diverse ways, depending on the person you talk to. Kilz is not ceiling paint, though many people would like to believe it is. Kilz is not made the same way and has a different resulting texture than normal paint does.

While paint will result in a smooth texture that is often glossy, Kilz will result in a chalky appearance and texture. Kilz will cover up stains and appear white, but it is not the same as painting the ceiling with ceiling paint.

One who believes Kilz can be used as ceiling paint, however, would argue that it is much cheaper to use Kilz than ceiling paint. While this is true, you can save money by using a can of Kilz and ceiling paint. Using Kilz will help save money because you will not have to buy as many cans of ceiling paint in the end. Buying one can of ceiling paint and a can of Kilz will cost much less than buying multiple cans of ceiling paint.

What Is Kilz?

Kilz is a type of primer and is considered one of the best. Because of its texture, it is perfect for a base coat but not for a topcoat. Kilz is amazing, however, when it comes to painting over and trying to cover up something.

Kilz works to hide and block stains and odors, including old paint jobs and cigarette smoke stains. For this reason, Kilz is a popular type of paint primer. It does a phenomenal job of hiding stains, so much so that people only ever put up a layer of Kilz and never go over the top with actual paint.

Kilz is beneficial because it makes it more simple to paint over other colors or stains, but Kilz does need to be covered since it leaves a chalky look and texture. Some people may argue the appearance does not bother them, which is alright for them. If it does not bother them, they should be able to do as they will. Often, people do not believe it looks as appealing as the look of ceiling paint. This is why people will finish the job with ceiling paint.

Why People Like Using Kilz

People have said that using Kilz as a ceiling paint works for them, but Kilz is not ceiling paint. They recognize the texture and appearance are slightly different, so why do they enjoy it so much?

Using Kilz has a couple of key benefits regarding monetary gain and extra time.

How People Save Money By Using Kilz

Kilz can save a person money if they use it for their ceiling because it provides a base coat that will prevent stains and odor from protruding. Using Kilz can cost a person less money because they can use it instead of multiple cans of ceiling paint.

Ceiling paint is quite expensive, but Kilz is much cheaper. More people will lean to the cheaper option because, well, it is less expensive. It is understandable why one would want to spend less money, but a person can save money while using Kilz as a base coat and ceiling paint as a topcoat.

How People Save Time By Using Kilz

By using Kilz, people are also saving time. When painting with ceiling paint, it will not necessarily cover the area as much as it needs to. Certain types of paint can call for multiple layers, making a person spend much more time than they want to cover the ceiling. This would also cost much more money because of the amount of paint they must buy.

By using Kilz, a person will need less paint. Because Kilz covers stains and odors, less paint is required over the top of it. A person will be forced to spend less time painting the roof and can spend time doing other things.

Why You Should Not Use Kilz In Place Of Ceiling Paint

Why would anyone turn down extra time and spending less money? Because of its diverse benefits, it may be tempting to use Kilz instead of ceiling paint. You should not do this, though because Kilz is not normal paint. While Kilz can assist in the painting process, it is not what you should finish off a job with.

Kilz has a chalky texture that is noticeable when looking at it and touching it. You will not necessarily be touching the ceiling, but you will still notice it. The ceiling will not look as finished as it could be. However, using Kilz as a base coat for the ceiling is a great idea.

When you use Kilz as a base coat, it is easier to use ceiling paint as the next coat because you will not need as much ceiling paint as you would without it.

Kilz is not a ceiling paint. Kilz is essentially a primer because it helps other paints maintain their presence if they are used as the topcoat. Kilz is inexpensive, but it is only meant to assist in painting, not take over the job completely. Kilz, in turn, will help you save money and time, but you must use both kilz and ceiling paint to have a good result.

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